Our Programs

Our program runs on a yearly basis from September – June(30 weeks). Summer sessions run separately.

The Program has three components, Private lesson, Group class and Theory (music reading, music appreciation) class. The combination of these classes are the foundation of our students’ musical education. Parents play an essential part in all classes and are required to attend all classes. Group/Theory classes run concurrently and they help create a support system that encourages a child’s progress.

Private Lesson
– The private lesson is a once a week class that involves both student and the parent. In this class the student learns the skills of playing their instrument. The parent observes the class and gets the instruction on how to follow up at home practice with the child.

Group Class – Children learn from each other. In this class the student has the opportunity to perform what they are learning in front of their peers and their parents. It helps build confidence in performing in public.

Theory Class – Music theory helps the performers understand the music that they play. This class begins with learning basic music reading skills and moves into analysis of music in a fun and engaging way.